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这是是朋友相约的地方, 亘古不变的风月,
老地方… …相聚 在这里
By Phone: Monday through Sunday
Reservations and orders may be placed anytime until midnight
Bethnal Green :
0207 729 8388
Livepool Street :
0207 247 2200
Lamb Skewers on the Grill
A wonderful lamb dish that is delicious served with Chinese rice and Tsingtao beer.
For a group up to 30.

Please contact us if you would like book a Private Room for your party. There is a Karaoke Music System been setup in this room as well.
Enjoyed by millions across the globe each year, Tsingtao is the world’s favourite Chinese beer.
As refreshing as the pure spring water with which it is produced, its smooth crisp flavour continues to win awards across the globe.
But where the crystal clear Tsingtao stands out is in its light, mild flavour and honey-like aftertaste.
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